Un amore in prima classe

Un amore in prima classe
Genres:  Comedy / Adult
Year: 1980
Director: Salvatore Samperi
Cast: Enrico Montesano / Sylvia Kristel / Lorenzo Aiello /Franca Valeri / Felice Andreasi / Memmo Carotenuto / Sergio Di Pinto / Gianfranco Manfredi / Christian De SicaEnzo Cannavale / Luc Merenda / Katherine Berg / Claudia Caminito /
Benedetta Fazzini / Constance Imbert

Carmelo partly by train to Calabria with his son Malcolm, but it is rather awkward as dad. Found in difficulty, two seats in first class, they meet the beautiful Beatrice. Carmelo tries to approach him, and fails, exasperated, he abandons his son to a station, but Beatrice recovers


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